1952 planning permission dead, Sleg wound up.

The recent decision of the Secretary of State means that the 1952 planning permission is now dead. In turn, this means that uncontrolled quarrying on Longstone Edge is now at an end. This excellent result is in large part due to the tenacity of all Sleg supporters who can now celebrate a clear victory! Many thanks for your support.

We should also acknowledge the support of our close ally, Friends of the Peak District. Now that Sleg has won its long drawn out campaign, the Sleg Committee have resolved to wind-up Sleg and pass its few remaining assets to Friends of the Peak District who will continue to seek to protect the whole of Peak District, including of course Longstone Edge.

As the Save Longstone Edge Group is being wound up, this website will shortly go off-line.

Longstone Edge is a beautiful three-mile-long ancient limestone ridge in the Peak District National Park, prominently situated within sight of Chatsworth House and Bakewell, which has been suffering destruction by limestone quarrying.

Backdale 15 September 2008

The photo above, taken on 15 September 2008, shows the extent of the destruction. Grass and trees have been cleared on either side so the quarry can be expanded - subsequently this too was quarried. Fortunately legal action has now terminated this quarrying, by the eyesore remains. (Click on the photo for a larger image, and here to compare with earlier photos.)

A legal battle has raged for years over the meaning of a 1952 mineral extraction permission. In March 2009 the Court of Appeal decided in favour of the Peak Park and the Government, hopefully opening the way to the long-term protection of Longstone Edge.

A massive scar has been created in the heart of unspoilt scenery in the second most-visited national park in the world. Long-term situation is still unclear, as there are still valid mineral extraction licences.

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